honestly, if you don't like what i write, then don't comment. i don't want your anonymous comments about how i do things for attention and about how i want attention for what i write. no you idiot. go somewhere else, because i honestly don't feel like dealing with you. as for a comment that i need a diary instead of this blog..i blog what i feel. and if you can't deal with it...leave.

people are hurtful sometimes. but, hey, just one more person to piss off. my joy.
i know i write a lot of bad things and i probably do look like i am a "debbie downer" as said by a biotchy commenter.
sorry about that...NOT REALLY. i am confident with what i write. and i guess you will just have to deal with that.
i've been in a horrid mood as of lately. which reflects on this poor blog. i really don't care about followers like i stated before, it honestly just doesn't matter. i don't feel like being that materialistic won't get me anywhere.
as for me always wanting attention? i was on student council do i did do a lot of things on stage and at events. sorry that is what my job requires (sarcasm) but i won't apologize if my attitude is thought of as "attention seeking". i am a loud, annoying person. i know. i was involved in a lot of things during high school and sure i could come off that way. and for that, i am sorry.

sorry, i had to address a few things.
this blog is mostly for me to write what i feel. and i will continue doing that.
but, i will promise to write more good things.
the world could always use some more good news.

suck on that haaaater.

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karina said...

well i personally love your blog. even when you vent. im definitely not a hater.