i just got off work.
i still have a balls load of homework to do.
i am hungry.
and there is drama.
and i miss my cat.
but i am happy.
i think college is secretly some drug.
maybe it is the fact that i have freedom supreme and i can do what i please (don't worry, i make good choices)
or maybe it is the fact that i am still in denial?
who knows.
either way, college is hard. fun. and worth it.
high school was easy, fun, and stupid at times.
but i miss it.

this post made no sense, i think i just needed to blog about something and let my fingers just type away. don't you ever have those days?
today was good.
and so will tomorrow.
i come home on saturday and i am excited.
i am bored most days, so text me. or chat with me somehow.

it's raining here.
i have to walk home.
cheers for no car.
it is the best.
just kidding.

peace out.

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