i move out of here tomorrow morning.
9 AM to be precise.
you could say that i am nervous. but i am also excited.
i finished paying tuition and rent today. see ya all the money i had.

i feel good about this.
yet i don't..
i'm leaving behind the familiar and loved for the unfamiliar and the unsure.
i can do this. i just wish i could take my friends with me. and my cat. oh, and my family.
i know i will come back to them, but it's just weird having them so far away.

come visit today if you would like.
my heart is heavy but i look forward to what is happening.
i am feeling really mellow and a bit sad today.
so, don't test me. i might cry.


Melia Clegg said...

every little thing makes me want to cry... who knew moving away would be so hard. i move tomorrow at 8. freaking out!

Mandy said...

Good luck Mardi, my love. You are going to make TONS of friends.. Just wait.