when life gets hard..

this title could be a little misguiding. because in fact, life is not really hard for me at the moment. the rough patch has faded and things are good. but some things happen that are hard and also good.

my some-number-once-removed cousin that i actually know, it's not one of those people that you hear about but never know, well today she passed away. Christine had a 3 year battle with cancer which left her in so much pain and a worn out body. she was still beautiful as she slipped away this morning with all of her family by her side. and even though she is older than me and we were never close, i still loved her. i don't have to be close to someone to see how amazing and beautiful they are. she was amazing and beautiful. such a wonderfully lady. and i will truthfully miss her. and if by chance in your prayers to your higher being you could mention her family, the Van Ry family. because they could use all the prayers they can get.

life is fragile. don't wait for some impending doom put upon your life to make you start living it.
love today, forget yesterdays mistakes and look forward towards tomorrow because you never know what it will bring.

happy wednesday everyone.

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