i am impatient and rude.
i make fun of people sometimes but i honestly don't mean to be rude...i just think it is funny.
i'm sure people make fun of me, but it is okay.
because i don't care what you think of me.
i am annoying and clingy. my friends can attest to this.
i tend to come to conclusions and it gets me into trouble.
i laugh far too much at times when i shouldn't and this can also get me into trouble.
i am loud and obnoxious.
i find most every single person annoying.
i am dramatic and stupid.
i am also lazy and weird.
i sleep too much and stay up far too late for my own good.
i stalk like there is no tomorrow.
i tend to put my friends first. and i am changing this.
i worry too much about stupid things.
but i don't care what anyone thinks of me.
if you're nice to me, i most likely be nice to you unless you've done me wrong before.
my philosophy is that you have three strikes and you're out.
no exceptions.

i am sorry for my inability to let things go that matter to me.
and that i am beyond annoying.
i honestly am trying, but this isn't an easy thing for me.
i have made a lot of mistakes and i know i am stupid and make horrible choices at times...
but these stories and things make me who i am.
annoying or not.
(i am annoying)

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