the frustrations

the frustrations of living with two elderly parents are sometimes so incredibly hard. some people don't get it and see it as me being rude, and i can admit that sometimes i am. i just let the frustration of them get to me. my family calls me a brat and says that i am so spoiled and take grandma and grandpa for granted, which sometimes i do. but, i surely don't like my family telling me those things.
they don't have to live with them, and they aren't me, they don't see how hard it is because my grandparents go into "amazing mode" when the other family members come over. don't get me wrong here, i love my grandparents so so much that i honestly would do anything for them, but, sometimes it just is hard to deal with them. they forget things, have short tempers, are tired a lot, are sassy and sometimes they are just plain hard to handle. but no matter what they do i love them and i don't need some people to tell me that i am a horrid person for letting my frustrations get the best of me. it is rude, and hurtful and sometimes it just plain pisses me off. and i don't want to deal with them anymore. if you think i am such a brat, you come back home and live with them while they are going psycho.

my grandmother is such a kind and caring person, but can hold onto things for a long time, whereas i let them go and move on. you can obviously see how this would make living together a bit hard. she is also a worrier. she can sit and worry about anything all day long. and it drives her insane. i don't worry. she is very emotionally involved with things and i am not. she is such a selfless lady who would do anything for anyone. she is funny and honest (sometimes too honest) she is a great cook (which i will miss when i am away at school) and she will always have my back when i need her.

my grandfather is quiet and kind. he sits back and lets things go by. not in a bad way but in a calm relaxed way. he is kind with his criticism and honest in everything he does. i have never known him to be a dishonest man. sometimes his temper gets the best of him and he becomes kinda scary but when he calms down he apologizes with his cute little face so you can't help but love him. his laugh is contagious and his smile is so cute. sometimes he can't handle the fact that my grandmother and i are so different and that we need to fight sometimes. we always settle it, but when we do fight he becomes so upset it makes him sick. this is super hard to deal with and sometimes it annoys me to no end. but i know it is only because he loves us and want us to love each other, which we obviously do.

my grandparents are annoying, rude and weird sometimes. but that is only sometimes. they are kind, cute and loving most of the rest of the time. i don't know what i would do without them, but getting ready for school is good for me. i think being away from them will do me some good. i love them, but i feel smothered sometimes and i don't know that to do about it. leaving will be hard but also a good thing. i think they can start to let go and stop being so protective of me.
i wish you all could meet and have such great grandparents as mine. they are my parents because they have raised me as one of their own. they were so unselfish that they did this for me when they could just be having a good retirement. but my grandparents are so selfless that they did this for me. and this is why i love them. even though they frustrate me on a daily basis.

my grandparents >>>>>>>>

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