every party needs a pooper

^ i don't know why i set that as my title.
i guess i was just, a little out of it?
still am.
well people. summer has treated me well.
done a lot of things.
slept a lot.
learned a lot.
last summer was far better.
but this summer i am okay with being by myself.
(sometimes. i still like visits)
have you ever gone to a movie by yourself? or just stayed at home and read all night long?
welcome to the life of mardi.
i enjoy it.
but i also miss my summer last year.
max robyn and i hung out every single day.
too many pictures were taken and all of our spare cash went to Taco Amigo fries.
i will miss these two more than anything (oh, and also my precious cat Ghetto)
i leave in 36 days and life is busy now.

care to share some advice?
i am a bit overwhelmed.
but also, i am feeling really blessed and lucky.
i am lucky that i have such good friends to miss while i am gone and a beautiful cat to miss (wtf, did i just say that? yeah. i did)
anyways, i guess it is time for some soul searching.
this post was kinda a downer, but trust me. i really am happy.
sometimes, too happy.
if that makes sense.

peace n' blessins'

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