THOSE days.

it's those days where you feel like nothing is going right, that all your friends have completely forgotten about you and that you just wish you were dead in the ground. to say i am stresssed is a HUGE understatment. people all around me have their stuff going on too, which means they won't listen because they're too busy having me listen.
college is coming up. i just got back from Ephriam today. woopie.
applying for ambassador is hard work, don't let anyone tell you it's not.
i feel out of the loop.
and like no one truly quite cares.
which i know isn't true.
but, i can't help it.
all the evidence in my life points to that one simple thought.
so, i will roll with it.
i wish people weren't bi-polar. and that they acted the same all the time. this would make my life so much easier.
but mostly, i just want the people i associate with to know that just because i can sometimes be carefree (or so they think) and okay with things, that you can't use me.
i am fed up.
and if you think you can just do this again, cya gurl.
itzz not happunin (happening)

wow, i sound so rude.
oh well.
this means that it's time to pray, read me some scrips, and cry.
come on over if you want.

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