today i woke up at the butt crack of dawn (5:15) and got on my way to early morning seminary. shoot me now, my class is annoying. i went through out the rest of my day totes fine, it was long, i was tired and somewhat annoyed at times. but then i came home. sat down for seriously like .4 seconds and the doorbell rang. some random guy to come look at my house? cool. he left forever and a million years later. and i went to go sit on my bed, next thing i know, i am totally passed out. i wake up at like 6:15 for dinner, go back to bed, and then to the basketball game (we lost, oh well) but through out my whole day i found myself feeling sorry for myself. and why? i don't know. so i sit here, life looks pretty dismal. i am bored. i seem to be going no where. and the best part is, this feeling won't last long. but it sure does suck when it comes. so, i am off to bed to feel sorry for myself. hip hip hurray.

this was a boring, meaningless, depressing and lame post. sorry guys. i am trying.

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