a point

there comes a point in every persons life when things just seem to fall apart and then fall together again.
when family becomes more important than the social groups.
but when your real friends become part of your "family"
when relying on mom and dad (or grandma and grandpa in my case) for everything becomes pointless, because you know that after 18, you are out in life to make your own choices. and no matter how cool you were in high school, or what your high score on Temple Run is (3,879,310) or how many people know you or even what you wear, becomes pointless.
this life is yours.
make it yours.
surround yourself with good people.
make good choices, and choose to stand for something.
stop sitting around waiting for choices to present themself to you, because, if you do, you will most likely never achieve anything.
stop focusing on the bad and set your sights on the good and the future.
when you can do this, you can and will be free.
and i am most certainly not saying that i can do this. i have my bad days.
i am impatient and annoying (i am sorry)
i am rude and lazy.
i make mistakes and sometimes focus way too much on them.
but i am trying.
and as long as i am trying, i know that i will achieve something good.

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