in a perfect world;

all the popcorn kernals would pop.

the wireless internet you want to steal requires no password.

the weather man is always right.

people can differentiate between "your" and "you're".

video pop up ads do not exist.

stickers always peal off clean.

people respond to texts immediately.

the spider you try to kill on your wall actually dies the first time.

your favorite song does not come on the radio when you park.

there is always an available power outlet.

the pencil lead does not break off when you sharpen it.

someone always has a pen.

the other sock never goes missing.

certain unnecessary movie sequels are never made.

there is always milk for cereal.

you never accidently buy the low-fat version of something.

ketchup in the glass bottle is easier to pour.

that thing you want comes in your favorite color.

all erasers completely erase pencil marks.

circles are easier to cut with scissors.

bags of chips are full.

the driver in front of you always remembers to signal.


the battery is always full at the right time.

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