are there ever some days that you wake up and say, "i am going to have a good day today."
and you start it off with such confidence then all of a sudden life comes to slap you in the face and say, "no way bro, i have other plans for you."
if you haven't, you are a lucky soul.
if you have, let's chat a while.
today was one of those days. but the good thing was, that i have my friends there with me, and it ended good.
see, not all is bad.
but when that moment comes that just pushes you over the edge, it's horrendous. and things just, to put it honestly, suck.

but enough of the dramatics, today is over.
tomorrow will be lovely.
i've got good friends, a nice house, a warm bed and i am never too far away from a taco amigo.
life will be good.

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