the pattern

think about it, life is one big pattern.
we go to bed each night, we sleep, we wake up in the morning.
we do the same things. work, school, raising children, learning whatever.
we end our day and start again every day.
without fail, every day happens every 24 hours.
we generally live unchanging lives, but sometimes things come along and ruin our patterns of life.
these things tend to come at the wrong times, or when things are going really well.
disasters and drama love to interrupt all of the good things that we have going for us.
and when this happens, we generally shut down. we become changed.
some (those who can cope) evaluate and react appropriately.
but there are few of those people.
most of us take in what has just happened and react with the following emotions and reactions:

and hurt

but there are the few select who are unchanged. and to them i ask, how do you do it?
life has taken one of those turns for me. and i don't know how to react.
ahhh. life just likes to play little tricks on me it seems.
and sometimes, i don't quite know how to act.
but to this, it won't get me down. it's not worth it.

i'll go cuddle with my cat now.
c'ya cruel circumstances.

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