oh. i'm bored.

here are just some random facts about mardi.

1. i love brushing my teeth. it feels so good.
2. i love popcorn.
3. i hate clothes, hair, socks and shoes.
4. i dislike children.
5. my favorite color is invisible.
6. i have a cat named ghetto.
7. my favorite movie is "Singin In The Rain"
8. my favorite book is "To Kill A Mockingbird"
9. i don't like steak.
10. i love to sleep.
11. i laugh far too much.
12. i like when it's cloudy.
13. i wish i was in college already.
14. i like to blog.
15. there is always a movie playing in my room.
16. i try to avoid school.
17. i have a large, loud family who i love so much.
18. i stay up far too late to go to school.
19. i play the piano.
20. 8 is my lucky number.

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