bloggity blog.

i really haven't blogged in a while.
which sucks, because blogging is wonderful and i love it.
anyways, sorry about that guys.

life is hectic.
and life is insane.
and life is funny.
so, i told you guys how i worked on black friday.
holy nuts, it was psycho.
i worked in the "intimates" section, aka, i help ladies find bras and other unmentionables.
we happened to not have this ladies size, and i swear i saw my life flash before my eyes.
i thought i was a gonner.
this lady was fuming. but what could i do?
sorry lady that i can't find you a 34DD
not my problemo.
whatever, that's just one of the things that happened.
oh wait, another thing...
so i turned the corner to put some tights back and i don't think this poor lady, bless her heart, knew i was going to walk by at that time because she had just recently farted. and i walked through her stench.
i gagged just a little bit, because it was so nasty.
i wouldn't have been surprised if some of my hair melted off because of the stench.

yeah, that was a fun night.
now, life is about getting through school and trying to not kill people because life just is not going my way today. it's just hard some days, ya know?
always feeling like a disappointment to everyone can get rather old.
so, i find solace in sleep, reading, and my friends.
bring it on life, you aint got nothing on me.

anyways, i guess i am off to bed, as usual.
this blog will be updated soon.
i'm getting bored of it. any takers?
k cya.

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