when i was little;

when i was a little girl i used to love to ride my bike and make forts. i would spend hours playing outside and come in and eat dinner really fast so i could get back to playing. i would color pictures and give them to my grandma and insist that she hang them on her fridge. when the first snowfall came i was out bright and early to build snowmen and to make snow angles. i would play with kittens and catch fish in the pond down the street. my neighbor would give me pretzels in a bag if i was good that day, so i always remembered to be good. i climbed trees and would pretend i was tarzan. i could jump so high on the tramp and could swing easily from the branches of my big willow tree. when i was super good my grandpa would take me to arctic circle for ice cream, but i just wanted to play on the play set. when i was little things were easy. there wasn't anything that a band-aid or a popsicle couldn't cure. days were spent outside and i was free and nothing ever went wrong. i could run to my grandma for anything and i know that she would give me a hug, tell me things were okay and to go out and play. i knew everything was okay and that i could rely on everyone, because everyone was nice. things are a tad different now. high school is really the dumps sometimes. i simply can't stand half of the people (that's an exaggeration) some days i don't want to get up and face the world because i know things are scary and bad. (not all obviously) i wish that everything could just be fixed with a band-aid and a popsicle. but, they can't because we are growing up, far too fast i'd say. and life is hectic and it won't stop just because one person is having a bad day. things were good when i was little, but in a different way than now. things are good. i am good. and i am growing up. i just wish that growing up wasn't scary and that i could always feel like i did when i was little.

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caitlinelizabeth. said...

when you were little you used to play with your cousin caitie. we would run around the backyard, pretending it was our magical kingdom. we would escape into the dreams and imaginations of childhood. we would avoid the adults because we never wanted them to tell us playtime was over. things were good. things were happy.

and then we grew up. now we just sit and talk about how fun it used to be and talk about grown up things.

don't worry i miss being little too.