so, i have this cat. her name is ghetto. yeah, ghetto.

perhaps she is my best friend and we cuddle all the time, but that is beside the point. anyways, my cat is super sassy. but the funny kind of sassy. i love her with all of my heart. not everyone can come home to a lovely kitten eating your socks.

but sometimes she thinks she is all that. and it can really get cocky. and she won't listen. frankly, she becomes a real brat.

she thinks that she owns this world and that everything is just for her. she sleeps constantly, but it's really okay, it's cute.

other times, she just thinks she is so much tougher than she really is. seriously ghetto, you can't kill a dog. so, stop trying to act so buff.

but in the end, i love my kitten. she is a gem.
you can all come and visit her, but i will warn you now, she is crazy.

wow, did i really just blog about my cat? cool. goes to show how lonely i am.

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