"Evil is knowing better, but willingly doing worse."

each of us has some demon inside us, meaning, some things that we just can't get past. and drag us down. demons show their face in many ways, in our actions, thoughts and words. they get the best of us and take us to a place that no mortal man can see. our demons make us face the most outer limits that we can face, and they even test those lines. some may say that our own demons are us simply being insane, but insanity is something we can't face, we can however face our own demons and make them friends.

we all face them, day in and day out. some are more prevalent than others but demons are demons, no matter what. and perhaps, our demons are just being human. to be human is to struggle with our own personal demons. but the difference between people is that some have faced and owned up to them.

i will someday face all my demons and conquer them, but for now, they are my ever constant friend. the true nobility is in how we choose to deal with them while their ever present hand repeatedly slaps us in the face. so, here is to facing our demons, no matter what the size.

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