the art of chaos

chaos is in fact a true art form. you may say "pish posh, no it is not." but ladies and gentlemen, it is. don't understand what chaos is? no worries, i shall define it for you:

1. Complete disorder and confusion.
2. Behavior so unpredictable as to appear random, owing to great sensitivity to small changes in conditions

i am so happy that you now understand what it is. let's get back to me proving my point. chaos is an art form. any writer out there that doesn't plan ahead will tell you that chaos reigns supreme when they write. i don't plan too much, so chaos and i are friends. chaos tends to be destructive unless you take all it's power and harness into something manageable. when i say chaos i don't mean that everything is a complete and total mess with no room for fixing it, i simply mean that it's a mess, rather funny mess, and can be fixed with chocolate and anything else.

it is an art form because not too many people can make chaos. some can cause trouble or an annoying situation, but to cause pure chaos takes true talent and quite possibly, true dedication. it takes a special kind of person to take everything to complete fine to a totally inconceivable mess. it's a true art form, only some can do it. everyone needs a little chaos in their life, to make it more exciting, it you don't have any, call me up and i will be sure to add some.

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