the realization that things aren't the way that we want them to be is the worst feeling.
it's a feeling almost like we are out of control. and being out of control means not quite knowing what to expect in life.
which causes a total mess.
life is busy now, and with a busy life there is no time for failure. talk about pressure huh? life now consists of student council, doing homework in the wee hours of the morning, getting happy hours drinks to keep me going and taco amigo fries and my one and only meal.
lovely isn't it? i would dare to say yes.

sometimes, we feel the need to become a total beast when things don't go our way.
this concept is known as; my way or the highway.
pretty classy i'd say.
and even though i want to scream and shout because i have to let it all out (name that song)
i can't. because being a beast is beasty.
does this make sense?
to my crazy mind it does.

my point is, life can be busy. but the truly impressive thing is to stop and see how you react to what is going around in your life.
and to see if how you act when you are pressured represents yourself as a good person.
it's a lot of stress i'd say.

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