i never really realized what all the fuss was with seniors ahead of me when they talked about how they are so just ready to be done with high school, and how annoying all other grades are, until now. i now slightly realize this. yes, it's only been one week, but, it's been a week of...let's just say, learning. the new grade to inhabit the lovely school of Pleasant Grove High School are, slightly obnoxious. i am so hoping that i wasn't that way as a scared sophomore.

as i take a gander through the population of my lovely school and walk down the hall, i see so many baby butt faces. each one new. each one annoying. and each one, slightly making me want to punch them all. but, first off, i'm on student council, i can't do that. and two, yeah, it'd kinda be wrong.

squashmores probably don't mean to be so annoying. but, they are. maybe it's just the fact that as a person older than them, i can't stand their rotten faces to interrupt with my advancement to adulthood. either way, the fact is, they are there.

now, don't get me wrong. some are simply lovely. and some are good friends of mine. but other than those select few, the rest can be dismissed.
and high school can be over as far as i'm concerned.

please someone tell me things get less annoying and confusing after high school.

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Rachel said...

Nope, they don't get less annoying and confusing, you just get more able to handle things. And I admire your self-control to not hit any sophomores. Especially since one of them is your cousin. :)