guide to a grounded summer;

there are many things wrong about being grounded during the summer, but nevertheless, there are many things you can do to get your mind off the wretched fact that you have done something worthy of the horrible punishment of being grounded during the time of freedom. but, if you deserved it, like i did, you just deal with it.
but--here is a guide to help you to not be quite so bored;

1. pick out a few good books and just read them until your eyeballs hurt. reading is always lovely, especially when you have no where to go or be. it's relaxing. and let's face it, who doesn't like a good book? answer: weirdos.

2. facebook stalk. this is a regular occurrence for me.

3. go chalk outside. nothing better than sitting in the warm summer sun and chalk away.

4. clean, clean, clean. i mean, being stuck in a house makes you look at everything and just want to clean. it's the weirdest feeling.

5. write letters to people. i sent out 6 complaint letters to stores hoping to get free stuff. i probably won't, but it was funny.

6. i'd say watch movies, but that can get kinda boring. but have at it. it's your groundation period. (i don't think groundation is a word)

7. practice special skills you have (that made me laugh) piano, sports, baking? who knows. just practice it.

8. paint. i love to paint. i do this alot. it's fun and you definitely have time for it.

9. bring your friend mardi a survival kit. help her to survive this. (i'm serious)

10. lay in your bed in self loathing.

OKAAAAY. that was good. follow those things and you will end up like me.
just peachy.

someone come visit me.

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