so, i've lost a few followers the past few days. the worst. whatever really works for them, it's fine.
but, i didn't know my blog was that boring.
my apologies.
maybe it's because i have no time to actually blog about something worthwhile.
or maybe it is that what i write about is just not some people's cup of tea.
either way, i just seem to not be able to keep people's interest in this blog. what a dreadful thing.
but, i am somehow slightly okay with it.
my blog is mine.
(i think you already knew that)
in case you didn't, these are my words.
my blog is my own.
i don't feel like i follow the trend of everything.
so, if that isn't good enough then, whoopdie doo. i don't really care.

school is creeping up on me. senior year here i come.
i hate how last years seniors are all trying to tell us seniors advice, and saying how college is here for them and telling me what to expect.
okay--you are one year older. thanks gramps.
i feel so sassy about people telling me how to live my life. it's rather annoying.
sorry for the random fact there.
it had to do with school somehow in my brain.

senior year will be lovely.
i can feel it.
if not, i will make it.
school is in 2 weeks. holy toledo.
let's just not go. let's have summer all the time.

this day feels good.
i am happy.
things are good and i so hope they stay this way.

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Amandine said...

I will never stop following your blog...just remember that!
and your thoughts on seniors giving advice...love it:) gramps...it sort of made me think of C.F (initials) if you see what I mean...