has anyone told you?

has anyone told you that you are special?
that you are lovely?
that you are important?
that you are funny?
that you are worth everything?
that you are talented?
that you are beautiful?
because you are.

i think that sometimes we get so caught up in thinking bad about ourselves no matter what others may say about us. and that sometimes, the things people say don't matter to us because we are so caught up in our own self pity that our negative thoughts block out the good.
we are each different, and since we are different, we each get treated different.
we compare ourselves to others. only wishing that we could have what another has.
or be like the other.
so we mold ourselves into that the best way we know how.
and sometimes, more like most of the time, it comes across, creepy.
please, don't. just be yourself. you are specially made to be you.
i am specially made to be me.
sure sure mardi, sometimes you get down on yourself too because you wish you could be like someone else, sure.
but, it doesn't make me do what others do.

be who you were born to be.
you are wonderful.
you are loved.

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ninaquatic said...

Mardi, all of your posts are like, inspirational. seriously.