guide to a perfect summer

there are some essentials when it comes to having a great summer.
combine these things for a lovely summer to remember;

1. a great group of friends. i happen to have the best.
they are the best and make summer much more adventurous. they are actually the best part of the summer. going on wild adventures and making memories are the best.

2. some good songs. summer tunes are a must. they are especially great for driving and dance parties. my taste in music is pretty varied. here are some lovely tunes for a grand summer.

-two against one; danger mouse and daniele luppi
-driving me crazy; sam adams
- here's to the night; eve 6
-she's got you high; mumm-ra
-everybody's changing; keane
-kids; MGMT
-glamorous indie rock & roll; the killers
-generator 2nd floor; freelance whales
-sun hands; local natives
-simple math; manchester orchestra
-lights; ellie goulding
-a clean shot; the myriad
-last friday night; katy perry
-songbird; fleetwood
-impossible; anberlin
-everything you do; he is we
-love me; justin bieber
-home; edward sharpe & the magnetic zero
-shutter; maroon 5
-never gonna leave this bed; maroon 5
-can you tell; ra ra riot
-creep; radiohead
-find a way; safetysuit
-do you love me; amanda jenssen
-cat daddy; rej3ctz
-crazy crush; love you long time
-safe ride; cute is what we aim for
-i'm a pilot; fanfarlo
-good life; onerepublic
-beneath the fire; evaline
-i am not a robot; marina & the diamond
-the golden age; the asteroids galaxy tour
- sweet dreams; eurythmics
-seventeen years; ratatat
-blame it on the rain; he is we

these songs are quite possibly the best ever. try checking them out.

3. no shoes. this is a personal favorite.
it is quite lovely to walk around without any shoes on. shoes are not meant for summer.

now, doesn't that look so inviting? yes.

4. a good book. this is a must for those who love to escape into another place.
some good summer books are;

- The Book Thief; Markus Zusak
-all the Harry Potter's; J.K Rowling
-Tales From Outer Suburbia; Shaun Tan
-Charly; Jack Weyland
-Gone With The Wind; Margaret Mitchell
-The Kite Runner; Khaled Hosseini
lovely lovely books, if you are into reading, these are definitely a must.

5. all those random things;
this is a list of all the random things that make summer great but don't need a explanation;
-a tramp
-a camera
-snow cones
-good pair of shorts and a tall tee
-scary movies

basically take all these things and combine them for a perfect summer.
if you care to add more to the list, go on ahead.
summer is a glorious time. and this list is to help make it better.

long live summer.


rue. said...

we have a lot in common.
'cat daddy' is my jam.
i love that you love it.

Dino said...

love this
love your blog
love you:)