to blog or not to blog;

this is my question.
i love to blog, but here's the thing. i don't want to be judged on what i say.
it's almost like this is a journal of sorts.
and for someone to judge me for this in a negative way is horrid.
i absolutely hate it.
these thoughts are mine.
you don't have to read this if you don't want to.
i am most certainly not forcing you to.
so to come and tell me the things you do about what i say is uncalled for.
i want to be appreciated for the things i do.
not talked down to for the honest things i think.
i am a girl.
my mood and thoughts change constantly.
and believe it or not, i do get mad and annoyed.
i get sad and depressed.
i laugh and cry.
i am human.
i can't be exactly what you want all of the time.
i am me, and i am sick of being someone else to prove to you that i can be someone.
i've learned that it doesn't matter.
this is my blog.
read if you'd like.
i love positive feedback and comments.
but judgment? nah. i'll pass.

& here comes the start of an honest personal blog.

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