there happens to come a time in life where everything blurs together and things no longer have that once precise and distinct quality about them. they lack what we once saw so personally fit for our lives. and slowly we become numb to the idea of what we wanted to badly in the first place. for some, these are goals, others ambitions, so some it may be lifestyle choices but for the few wondrous people, it is thoughts.

a wise man much wiser than i once said, "change your thoughts, and you change the world" and may i add my stipulation with a twist of sincere gusto of the stupidity of this quote. is it possible for one thought to wholeheartedly change the world? the world is a rather large place. it is 24,900 miles. can one single thought penetrate through all this time and space? possibly. but possibly not.

thoughts are a very tenuous thing without any work, but they can also be such
vehement things. so much that we don't have any idea what to do with them. they have the power to change for good or bad. they have the power to effect human behavior as well as alter human emotions. so why are they at times taken so lightly? possibly, is it that they are so readily available to us that we don't ever go without them that they just became second nature? or maybe is it because the things that we think about most of the time are most often the things we try so hard to keep out of our lives? either way, thoughts are the basic human thing that we all rely one. yet, at times, they become so out of place and lose their focus that we change them and no longer make them a part of us.

thoughts become a part of us. and we treat them as so. but what we sometimes become unaware of the fact that we can lose them as easily as we once started them. they become disillusion and set aside when the gusto for them is gone and the ordinary sets into place. thoughts are a lovely thing. they keep us sane and at times can be the only thing we have.

next time you think a thought, remember how important it is. for one day, it may be gone.

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