summer is here and it is very welcome in my arms.
to sit in the grass, basking in the rays of sun are the most important things of summer.
that AND;
picture taking
movie watching
pulling all-nighters
watching movies
eating food outside
playing night games
getting tan
sleeping in
staying up forever
singing to your favorite songs
blasting music in cars with the windows down
hanging out with my most favorite people.

oh summer. you've been welcomed.
fully welcomed.
you've started off with a roar.
and i love you.
you are especially welcome after after such a long and wretched year.
cya junior year. don't like you.
hello senior year.
hello graduation.

i've made a summer list. and i will post it soon.
if you would like to make a summer list, i will gladly make one with you.
AND do everything on it with you.
it will be a grand time.

life is good.
i hope yours is too.
but the important thing to know about life is that we can only be happy if we choose to be.
i choose to be.

1 comment:

Vittoria Rosaria-Zaccardi Jackson said...

miss mardi love,
help me make a list! (:
i've never made a list...so why not make one my last high school summer?

and we will do things on it together.