new flash?

there is a constant aching in my heart. it almost feels like a hole has been punched right through me. this week will be hard. my best friends are moving to washington. i really don't know what i will do without them. i've already cried about it. they are the most wonderful people. this is the worst week ever.
goodbye hannah and emily.
i love you guys so much.

there is a pounding in my head and i can't see straight. i think i need some sleep, or maybe someone to talk to. i sound like a baby who loves to complain about life. who cares. i can if i want to. life is good, except for when it's bad.

i have so much to say. so much to do. i am sick of people being like other people. it's annoying. just be your own person! seriously, it makes you look like a fool when your constantly trying to be like everyone else. dumb.

i am supposed to be taking a bowling class. anyone want to come bowling with me?
please come.

i feel kinda depressed, but giddy. it's a rather strange feeling. i want to go back to sleep. i want to eat but i am not hungry. i think i will just read today. maybe go chalking.

i have nothing to say anymore. but i want to say so much.
life is sure confusing.
i am confusing.
perhaps i am a idiot.
who knows.
i do.

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melia said...

im in the same mood as you! lets get together soon (: