here it comes

there is most certainly a time in each of our lives where change comes swooping in and leaves it's ever impressionable mark on some aspect of our lives. it follows no rules, because change isn't a set pattern of thought. it's an unclear line of opinion when we say enough is enough. it's a time when we feel like the pattern of our life no longer fits the mold of our ever changing mind.

change comes in times of trouble, only because we decide the trouble can be avoided if we just change one thing about it. change is a choice. not a force. well, pure change that is. it takes an awfully strong person to change when the rest of the world says to stay the same. but with change, make sure you stay yourself. change doesn't mean that everything that has once happened won't still have happened. despite the things we convince ourselves of, mistakes are still there. we just need to learn to forget.

we each wish to change something. no one is perfectly content with every single moment and aspect of life. i know what i wish to change, and maybe i don't want to right now, but change is inevitable.

change comes is seasons. beautiful and remarkable. it comes down in pure serenity. healing a broken and worn out heart. it punches out foes and creates alliances, entering in such a strange and familiar way. it honors no rules. you can change your thought, making them honest and real, bringing in a change of heart and a better way of life. change your words into truths and then change that truth into love.

don't be afraid of what is to come. doing so only allows yourself to be stuck in an eternal phase of self centeredness. change is love, as crazy as it may sound. change is what makes us who we are, uniquely different and separate from everyone else. change is the bases of human life. don't let it scare you. change is here.

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Amandine said...

Mardi you're amazing!! I absolutely LOVE your writing