i could feel it breathing down my neck.
faster i ran. each foot slamming into the cold concrete.
sweat pouring from my face. i could her it calling out for my blood. hunting me down.
hungering for my flesh. i could hear its blood freezing cry from a distance.
thoughts of this black hellish fiend mashing and disfiguring my body with its razor sharp claws; tearing my throat out with its viper like fangs- trying to quench its thirst by sucking blood from my veins. a mess of spaghetti and meatballs with WAY TOO MUCH TOMATO SAUCE.
i quickly banished these unholy thoughts from my mind.
i kept my stride going and found strength enough to quicken my pace.
a loud explosion behind me. huge pieces of concrete flying past me as the demonic thing came hurdling towards me.
but clipped the corner of the old barber's shop.
i prayed to God, but to no avail. i had meddled in things no ever living human should ever have.
i had sold my soul to Satan himself.
promised my allegiance to his command.
oh, but i had turned my back on him. i was given powers for the exchange of my soul.
the moon was blood red. the stars hiding their faces from something terrible that was about to happen.
clouds forming in the distance hoping to wash away my blood that would soon stain the pavement on which i fled for my life.
the sun would not come out until these demons went back under, it could not abide while such a wicked creature was dwelling above the surface.
as i reached the town square i heard laughter.
the lights went out. the giggles of little children at play.
surrounded by legions of the undead and spirits of the night.
hallow socket for eyes; the blackness that went on for eternity.
decayed bodies laced with worms and maggots; bursting.
my lungs filled with a dark mist; a revolting odor of the decaying flesh.
my time had come.
i came to a stop.
the church bells rang.
there was no savior for me. i forsook his mercy long ago.
i turned around to see the face of my executioner.
his face mangled with scars. having nothing humane about him.
teeth festering in his gums.
he smiled. it curdled my blood.
his eyes were little beads of malice. crimson rubies.
i held my breath...i let out a cry of desperation.
satisfaction was his as he plunged his hand into my chest. my bones snapped like sticks as he ripped out my heart.
he held it in the air. showing off his prize to all.
they are rushed towards him, groping the air for it.
i looked down. blood was gushing out from the opening of my chest.
my veins turned black. i felt like stone.
fetter of hell were wrapped around me; pulling me to the ground.
there are many things worse than death. i was a hallow vessel now.
a body with no soul.
just an animated corpse.
i felt my spirit leave my body; dragged down by the dirtiest of hands, to a place i would have to call home.
my vision darkened and soon i was gone. the spirit is the strongest of all matter in existence.
yet, it is so very fine and hard to see. it is like fabric, prized above all else.
it is like a mist of silver raindrops.
i knew what the devil had in mind for me.
he was fashioning a monster, a beast, an animal of destruction.
it was the tool he was to use to bring forth the desecration and annihilation of God's children and God himself.
a soul eater.
but first everything must be made spiritually, and i was one of the chosen few who's spirit was to be used as a frame. a building block for this creature.
they would first boil out spirits in the water of Tir Muirth; the ancient God of hell.
the devil who was the father of all devils.
the one who's undeniable wickedness is still felt today, that lures every good soul to darkness.
satan was nothing but a dark void, a black hole compared to this legendary entity.
Tir Muirth's legacy crushed all other legacies.
and i was about to be subject to the darkest of hells.
his hell.
his burial ground.

to be continued...

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Amandine said...

gosh, this gave me the chills!! love the descriptions you used btw:)