needs and wants

today i painted.
i haven't for a while. and it felt good.
all my worries were gone after i put brush to paper.
i let it all out.
it may not be the best i've done.
but, i am not looking for show.
i painted today because i needed to.

ever need to do something so bad it hurts?
probably not.
and that was dramatic.
even i can say that about my words.
but, each of us as humans have things we need to do.
strange thing isn't it?
quite different from wants,
but, we can't distinguish between the two.

need food
need shelter
need warmth
need love
need support
need air
need water
need stability
need freedom
need whatever.
i don't really care.
needs are essential.
wants are optional.
then why are they seemed to be grouped together?
life and it's funny ways.

i am never ceased to be amazed.

and all this thought, just from painting.
when we do what we love, or want to do, we receive the words we need

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Amandine said...

agreed! I like this:)