i hate you

your a hum drum day that no one ever likes.
you are in the middle of the week,
and bring absolutely no hope.
please, go away.
plus, you are on a B day. which i hate.

i have an ear infection. it ruined my day.
not really, but i hung out with my best friend KZ (big black)
we have fun together.
i love it.

sometimes stories are cooler than real life.
and it kinda makes me envious.
i wish my life was storybook worthy.

talent show in seminary on thursday.
too bad i don't have any talents.
i will just go empty handed.

people who lie do not fit my cup full of tea.
i get rather annoyed.
another thing that annoys me is when people get mad at your for no reason.
and don't tell you.
one day they are just angry beyond belief.
please, don't do that anymore.

oh & i also go to Primary Childrens Hospital tomorrow.
not too excited.

the end.

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