Being happy is a choice. It's one we have to make everyday we wake up. Challenges may come our way, but our attitude towards it really determines how we feel about it. Sure, bad and worthless things happen, but those who find strength in weakness will come off conquerer. Happiness is a thought pattern. When we allow ourselves to get discouraged, we are allowing our happiness to leave us. There is nothing worse than a life void of happiness. Everyday we wake is a new and lovely day. Treat it as so. Stop having a constant pity party for yourself. Life is great! Even those who have nothing cling to something for happiness. Find happiness in the things you already have. For being happy is glorious. Yeah, there will be times that we are not a happy camper and when we feel that our life challenges are more than we can handle. But don't let it become a part of you. Don't let it determine you. It's a phase. Things will pass. You will not be left comfortless. This I promise you. Happiness is in the small things we see everyday. I challenge you to look for the happy in your life. Then try to emulate it. Let us all be glorious happy beings.

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