10 things

ten. Favorite Places to be.

1. my room
2. alexis's house
3. outside
4. water tower
5. new york city
6. clyde's house
7. the mountains
8. in oregon
9. piano gallery
10. KZ's car

nine. Weird things about me

1. i don't like bacon
2. i hate getting ready
3. i don't like giving hugs too much.
4. i have insomnia
5. i send 20,000 texts a month
6. i've never cried in my life (psych)
7. i sometimes wish i was a boy
8. i focus better in the cold
9. i am invincible

eight. Things I am going to do this summer

1. become so tan i am black
2. blog my every day
3. tan, tan, tan.
4. fulfill all my things on my summer bucket list
5. drive around in naughty scottie
6. hang out with friends e'ry day
7. chalk
8. take too many pictures

seven. Things I am thinking of.

1. this creep kid trying to creep on me
2. the love of my life
3. when school is going to get out
4. my friends
5. the lovely weather now
6. payback
7. hanging out with KZ

six. Things I am wearing.

1. gray sweats
2. undies
3. boobie basket (name that movie!)
4. hot pink tank top
5. purple sweatshirt
6. socks

five. Things I am worried about

1. my horrid grades
2. my brothers
3. my friends
4. grandparents
5. staying sick

four. Things on my floor

1. clothes
2. books
3. shoes
4. blankets

three. Things I want to do today

1. not feel sick anymore
2. finish my current piano piece
3. work on homework

two. Things I will reveal

1. sometimes i talk to myself before i fall asleep
2. i wish i could walk around naked all the time and it be okay

one. A Secret

1. i am a wizard.

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Amandine said...

ok...by far my favorite post:)
I might steal the idea someday...