a twisted fairytale addiction

you know those blogs and people that you just can't get enough of? well, i definitely have a blog crush. and it's serious.
the name of this glorious blog is a twisted fairytale, i am pretty sure each and every single one of us has read or has heard of miss megan abel's blog.
it's completely fantastic.
sometimes i sit and read her blog when i should be doing homework, or other such tasks.
it's an addiction.
now, i may sound very creepy. but it's not like that.
this girl has words that make you honestly think. it's not just some blog for kicks and giggles.
what she says really matters (well, all of ours do, her's is just written properly and lovely)
so i very much advise you to follow this blog. read it. love it. live it?
no force here.

in her newest blog post she is having a giveaway, part of the entering is to post about it.
so i am.
and it's not as if i want to just get the stuff and have a rockin' meg summer,
no i really like her. she is definitely a keeper of a friend.
so, check it out. it is very much worth it.
(zeee prizes)

meg, you are lovely.
and i am pretty sure i want to be just like you.
but not creepily.

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