the reasons

today was a rather good day. i mean, it's not like my world got blown up kind of day. i got sworn into office. then hung out with maddie, max and noah. so that was the best thing about it. then it slowly got worse from there. have you ever been in a state of thinking that you honestly couldn't give a crap what happens anymore? well, i don't know if it's a thing where i think i'm invincible or maybe a lack of confidence? either way, it's an odd and rather annoying feeling. some things i used to care so much about having perfect in my life no longer bug me when something is askew. it's okay. or maybe even it's just that i am moving on. and i finally get and see the big picture. oh, how i hate high school. i hate it for 5 reasons:

1. drama that could be very much avoided
2. homework. that comes from teachers of the devils
3. pressure to be people who we are clearly not
4. waking up at the butt crack of dawn
5. the struggle of finding ourselves

but--don't think i am all negative. i also love high school for 5 reasons:

1. the friendships you make that help you in the long run
2. it's an excuse to act stupid (psych)
3. you do actually do have fun, if you don't act stupid
4. the process begins of finding who we are and what we really want in life
5. we get a chance to let others know how much they really mean

maybe these reasons are not reasons why you hate or love high school. either way, we have to deal with it. we have good days and there are those few days that deserve to burn in the underground. and then again, some days that are just blah. it's basically a roller coaster of emotions and experiences. today was i mixture of way good, and bad.

ever feel like the whole world is watching to see you make the slightest mistake? or that you just can't live up to things? yeah, it's okay. don't think of it as weakness. things happen.
you are who you are for a reason. you are beautiful. and flourish where you are planted.

here's hoping to a good wednesday.

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Katie said...

Butt crack of dawn...haha I'm still laughing!