no no, do not get too excited about this post.
for, i am not attending prom.
sad sad. but, i am okay with it.
weird thing though, i went on a prom day date. but--i am not going to prom.
it's weird. ask me later.
but, my two best friends went. Alexis Hamilton and Kim Charlesworth
oh, and they looked lovely.

see? yeah i told you.
i have the most gorgeous friends.
and even if i am not going, it was still fun to help them get ready and to see them all dressed up.
i would do anything for these girls.
i love them.

i am not too sad about not going to prom.
it's really okay. but--i do want to go next year.
PROM 2011. who needs you?
i am perfectly content staying home by myself.
wouldn't have it any other way.


Ike said...

Awe, thanks for posting a picture of me :P

DragonQueen said...