now is just about the time in the year when i start to feel completely stressed and not wanting to deal with absolutely anything or anyone.
i want to just sleep and hide.
but--that's obviously not good.
it's not going to get my grades up or going to make things okay.
so, i decided to just deal with it.
i'm a big girl.
there are many things to be grateful for instead of laying in my bed feeling sorry for myself.
so, i will make a list of things i am grateful for.
this always makes people feel better.
1. my incredible (loud and obnoxious) family. i love every single one of them.
2. my excellent friends who keep me sane and love me despite my flaws
3. a humble abode to live it. it is my favorite
4. a car to drive, i love you naughty scotty
5. pens, think about it. where would we be without them?
6. food. obviously keeps us ALIVE.
7. music. this makes everything better. i love music so much.
8. nature. it's absolutely beautiful. it's God's way of saying hello.
9. air freshener. c'mon, seriously. self explanatory.
10. books. they are better than people.
11. water. this stuff is the best drink around. i suggest giving more thanks for it.
12. showers. nothing feels better than to cleanse one's body.
13. cell phones. i would die without mine. i know it.
14. ipods. this is my best friend. holds my life on it.
15. socks. they keep toes nice and warm.
16. cold sheets at night. they are really the best.
17. animals. even though my dog is half retarded, i love animals.
18. grass. i know this goes along with nature but there is nothing as great as fresh summer grass.
19. kind words. people need to use more of these.
20. school. even though it sucks so bad now, i hear it's worth it in the long run.
21. freedom of speech. without this, i'd be screwed.
22. color. i am happy i can see bright things and don't have to see what dogs see (they see in black and white in case your soul can't see this)
23. facebook. this way i can stalk all of you.
24. my bed. probably is my best friend.
25. being alive. without it, i'd be dead. (get it? HA)

i think that was more for my benefit than for yours. but--it's okay. i don't feel less stressed out yet. but, i am sure it takes time. it better or i quit. psych.

"Gratitude is an art of painting an adversity into a lovely picture." -Kak Sri


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Amandine said...

Love it:)
totally a good idea to list out stuff! I should try that out soon, I know I need it