a kind gesture

today was a day straight from Hades itself. everything decided to go just wonderfully wrong.
on top of that, my mind is so full of things that it just makes it hard to move on and live fully in the present. which is difficult because i like living.
but don't get me wrong, some parts of today were good. like chatting with people. that's actually just about it. not going to lie.
so i very much did not want to be with people, at all.
you know that mood you get in when everyone and everything should just not bother you? and you feel like if your with people you will offend them because you so don't feel like being social?
if so, you know the feeling of my day.
if not, you can pretend.

so, i told my friends i didn't want a ride and i started my walk home with nothing but "Simple Math" by Manchester Orchestra playing loudly in my ears. wanting to be alone.
but did i get this? no. just about everyone i know stopped me to ask if i would like a ride.
i politely said no, they asked if i was okay, to which i said yes (i lied) and was on my way.
this happened 13 times. i am not even joking you.
one woman drove up to me and said this; "darling, i don't know you. but you looked like you had a bad day. i just want you to know your beautiful. do you need to talk or a ride?" i just about burst into tears. how could a random stranger be so kind?
i chatted with her for a little and said i would like to walk, and she said okay. i thanked her and was on my way.

it actually made my day a little better knowing that there are people out there who actually are very kind. and are willing to stop a stranger to see if they are okay.
she made my day.

sometimes God works in mysterious ways and it is such an honor to get to see how His plan unfolds for us. each day He sets a plan out for us, and He will be with us each and every step. but sometimes it is hard to see, like today, but it just takes one person to stop us and remind us that things really are okay.

i am tired of today. i am off to bed.

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melia said...

i love strangers. one time, a homeless man bought me my drink at harts without me knowing and when i walked up to the counter to pay the lady said my drink had already been bought. i love people.