i'm skeptical

blogs are a menace to society, just in the fact that when we see something we like, we want it on our blog. we secretly all want to be like megan abel and have the talent that she does. i know it. but since we all can't be megan abel's, we resort to some sort of in between. a mix of what we like on other people's blogs, and what we want others to like. i find it unoriginal. and now, i am not saying that all blogs are like that, for i have seen very many which are in no way unoriginal, but i think the main thing is, a blog is not supposed to please everyone else. it's for your own benefit. my blog is a total waste, full of random things i think, and of stupid little quotes and pictures. but hey, i like it. and sure, i may not have hundreds of followers or page views, but so what? we need to not base our life off numbers. they are never really going to mean anything. all we need in life, and in the blogging world, is to have a sense of accomplishment. like we know we've done something good. because we have. to write is to taste life, with it's richness unknown, so write for your own pleasure, not just because you want to be noticed. but even if that's not your style, that's okay. blogs are blogs. in the long run, it's just a computer sight. it's not the WHOLE WORLD. and everything is okay. i promise.

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