words come in seasons. so beautiful and so remarkable. they qualify you for everything and anything possible. they don't limit us or judge us according to imperfections. words make things better and give us reasons to love. words cause us to think, and to think is to become. words make us feel like we are not alone, because try as hard as we can, we can never get rid of words, and they can never be stolen from us. they are ours. we command them, and we know exactly what they mean. some words give us hope, some words give us peace and some words give us courage, we just need to choose which ones they are. my words are not yours, and your words are not mine, but in the scheme of things, words are all our own, but the meanings are our own and are personal to each of us. words can mend almost everything, they let others know how we feel. words can give hope and heal wounds. words can be our everything. we just need to know how to use them in the right way. my words are my most precious gift. my words make me who i am.

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