the perfect day includes;

sleeping in until my body doesn't need to sleep anymore
a scrumptious breakfast of cereal
no one nagging me to get things done
playing my piano until my eyes and fingers hurt
being with my friends
putting up with my crazy family
a stroll on the beach with a hot guy
a duel with light sabers
'arry potta' taking me out for a joy ride on his Nimbus 2000
skydiving from Aladin's magic carpet high in the sky
debate with Hillary Clinton (psych, she is a freak)
eating me some Bajio and Yogurt Bliss
clearing off the freeway and speeding down
everything for free at the mall.

i am so bored. obviously.
maybe this list is more things that would be fun to do, some i obviously have.
this blog post is definitely a fail
someone give me something to talk about. i am not very amusing.

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