not always as it seems

i have learned a very very valuable lesson this week
that maybe my preconceived notions about someone are not always right
i know this is like a universal thing that people should know
BUT--to be honest, and i know we all do this, we judge based on looks and information we hear

and i've wrongly done that
it's not like i do this on a daily thing but you know, it happens
and i know it happens to you too
no judging

anyways, i learned this very very valuable lesson this week during student council
the people i thought i'd never like or even get to know are now like my favorite people
it's funny how things like that work out
but they do, and for whatever reason they do, i have no idea
but i think little things like this let us know that someone out there is watching for us
because the daily things can make us change our minds and attitudes about things
how grand that is

vote Mardi Thomas for Spirit
voting starts tomorrow online
i'd love it so much if you'd come and vote for meeee
thanks guys. you sure are great pals

1 comment:

Kelsey said...

I'm voting for you.
Because I love you.