the joys of nanny-ing

i have a very complex job guys,
i honestly do.
and that is, i am a nanny.
to 4 amazing children.

and they sure do keep me running around and drive me insane at times too.
sometimes we get pretty sassy with each other, but at the end of the day, i honestly do love them.
i want kids like then when it's time for me to be a mom.

sometimes my little friend savvy and i will have chats, she is in 1st grade and likes to ask lots of questions. she sometimes is a sass and is bad, but what redhead isn't?
today while i was over, she runs inside from being outside really fast and grabs a plastic bag and runs back outside, and i walk out to see her filling bags with dirt and trying to dye them with chalk. strange concept i know, but in the mind of a 6 year old, it is the bees knees.
she also decided to color all over her face and arms with chalk.
it was quite funny.
i love savvy because she is completely honest.
she has the cutest little face with little freckles all over it.
plus, she is funny. today she told me that she likes lightening bugs because they have "cute little yellow bums that glow"
i love her.

katie and brooke help me all the time. we talk about boys (which they aren't really sure about right now) and music, sometimes they ask me to play the piano for them. we also like to take pictures and color.
sometimes i let them color on my legs, because i am too lazy to say no.
they are so funny and tell me all the time how their mom should just adopt me. i would love that.
i love those two girls. they are so good.

and my little bayden, he is a challenge.
some days he does not like me at all. and will make it known.
yesterday he ran and jumped on me, looked me in the face and spit in my face.
it was kinda funny, but not. it was nasty. i had to tell him not to do that.
he will also tell me no straight out to me when i ask him if he can say please.
and he won't. so i make him do it himself.
but, he is catching on. today he was so sweet, he used all his manners and asked me to play with him and told me i could color a picture of lightening mcqueen.
i love him, that rascal

i have lots of adventures nanny-ing. and i love it so much.
tomorrow i am spending the night over there, we plan to build a fort and sleep in it.
these kids make me laugh.
i love them.

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