blogging boom

much like the baby boom
or even like the black plague.
i've noticed an abundance of bloggers starting to make fancy blogs
to which i say, huzzah.
sometimes this is a good thing, sometimes it is a bad thing.
it really all depends on the person.

we all want to have grand and successful blogs that people read, me included.
but when it really comes down to it, it doesnt matter all too much.
it's more something we do for ourselves, and if people read, then great.
so, if your going to make a blog, at least make it original.
don't make your blog to copy someone else.
that lame.
sure, ideas can be shared and thats all grand and happy, but when it comes down to it;
make your words your own
because if you can't do that, then what is the purpose of sharing it?
it's already been told.
my story is not yours.
nor yours mine.
i chose to write about my story, my life and my crazy adventures.
so, you should do the same if you so choose.
that's all i had to say on that subject.

so, life is good as of lately.
i am loving it in fact.
things are grand.
i hope yours is too, and if not...
i am a great listener.