my words.

I want my words to really mean something. I feel like they never mean anything. Sitting around trying to give a sane puropose to my words brings nothing. I want to be remembered for what I've said. Not what I've done. Because I make so many mistakes. So, I want my words to be good enough so that when I die, I am remembered for what I said, and not the bad choices I made. And that is where the true problem lies, I can't get my words to mean how I feel. And I am green with envy to those who find it so easy to express their thoughts in the most beautiful ways. I try so hard, and nothing comes of it. I think we all try too hard though. Trying and not succeeding is the new trend in my life. It never ceases to be an irritant and to constantly remind me that the thing I want so bad is abscent in my life. Words provoke thought, and I want my words to make you think, make you feel, and make you do. If only if only. My words will never amount to what I want to express.

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Anonymous said...

mardi! stop comparing yourself to other people! you don't need to! be yourself1 you are awesome!!!