as of lately...

someone who i love dearly, told me to stop being so serious.
and at first i was quite offended. but then, it made total and perfect sense.
i guess sometimes i am.
but don't get me wrong, i am NOT a serious person in general.
i laugh a billion times everyday.
i just doubt myself sometimes, and i don't know why.
i think we all do, i just voice my thoughts,
and that is why this person told me to not be so serious.
i'm 17 for goodness sakes.
this should be the time of my life.
i'm not a child,
or quite an adult.
it's the awkward and yet wondrous time in life.
that's how i am training my mind to think,
because honestly, if you go to high school, you will agree with me;
it sucks.
all of it.
life is just full of drama in this horrible stage of life.
but, i need to fake it until i make it.

and this is what i am trying to work on.
and i hope you do too.
because, yeah, it can be hard, but nothing we can't do.
the world is so full of surprises, and i expect a lot from this world.

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