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This is my first post of 2011. It's not really much. But- oh well.

I had a grand new years. I went to that dumb dance that everyone in the world went to. I so didn't want to go, but, ah I'm so glad I did. Just because of all the people I got to hang out with. Man, I loved it. Partied hard with mister Evan Kirby, lovely Kelsey Waters, Kellee Walker, Alexis Hamilton, Kim Charlesworth, Jared Naumann, Kaci Hamilton, Keuper Kuheni, Zach Clark, Hailey Gwilliam, and Nate Champion Church. And the rest of the people I can't remember. But let me tell you, it was grand. And very fun. Good new years.

Then today with the first day of the year, I had a day with my darling lovely aunty Ade. We saw 2 movies. And went to dinner. An laughed, a lot. We probably looked drunk. Oh well.

Now, currently, I am watching sister wives. Daaaang. I want to meet them. Or take someone with me to stalk them. Anyone want to go stalk them with me????? Please. They are very interesting. I wonder if they are psychotic. Probably. Ha anyways, they are weird.

I don't want to go back to school. At all. I'm dreading it. I almost want to cry. Or die. (that rhymed) but seriously.

Anyways, new year, new me. Lots of goals. Like, I want to make more friends. Not be friends with some. Not take things so seriously. Relax. Don't be jealous. And just enjoy life. So now I need to take s minute to say sorry to those I may have hurt this last year. I am so sorry. I apologize and would love for you to tell me so I can make things okay. That would be grand.

Here's to a new year. Hopefully it's better than last year. HUZZAH!

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