just a little side note

so, here's the dealio.
i have a bucket list, and on this lovely bucket list i have one specific goal
and that is..
to have a pen pal.
like a full fledged pen pal.
we write letters to each other in the mail,
and it is just grand.
i would very much like a pen pal,
sooo, help me live one of my life goals.
by sending it to 2440 N. 600 W.
you know my city
if not, it's Pleasant Grove
you know my state
if not, it's Utah
you know my zip code
if not, it's 84062
you know my name,
if not, its Ezekiel

(it's mardi)

(mardi thomas)

p.s- please do not be a stalker and come murder me or rape me in the night.
much obliged.

1 comment:

Rebecca Marie said...

what if i kidnap you in the night, and force you to listen to every song I have ever written...? does that count as stalkerish type behavior??

i'll be your pen pal. how about I begin by sending you a song.